Being The Conductor Of The Light And Not The Resistor

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can we do if the load of working in the group and the load of working in the general Bnei Baruch factory don’t allow a person to deal with both? What should be given preference? Is it the obligations in the group or the responsibilities in the organization?

Answer: It is a problem I hear about everywhere, both in the groups in Israel and abroad. You have to decide what the priority is.

If we don’t deal with dissemination, then we will not be given anything from Above either, since we exist in GE like vessels that should conduct the Light from Above downwards to the nations of the world, and this is why we were given a spiritual awakening.

We must understand that we have to give below as much as we want to receive from Above in order to be the conductor of the Light and not the resistor. So you have to decide to what extent you can do that.

There are people who work in the group for the friends in the maintenance of the building, etc. There are people who deal more in publication, in production, in working in the society or in the global group, but on the whole the ratio should be that a person should aspire to give as much as he receives.
From the Virtual Lesson 1/27/13

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