Solutions: Organize A Round Table

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Sometimes when we start new projects we are unable to come to an agreement. In such cases we organize a roundtable in order to solve the problem together. Is it worth setting up such general meetings from time to time?

Answer: We should organize discussions on any occasion. All issues should be resolved precisely this way, but we need to stick to our principles at the same time. This means that we should not act like “angels” who make all decisions only from love and do not accept anything else. If everyone annuls themselves before all, then you will not solve anything. Therefore Kabbalah teaches us to follow the middle line. A clear and rigid decision for the problem means the left line. The absolutely opposite way, in love, means the right line. As a result the middle line appears.

You have to make a real decision by doing it all together.
From the Virtual Lesson 1/27/13

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