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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The modern person lives in a very complex state where the old models of behavior no longer work. Therefore, instinctively he searches for something new. In this sense, the model of integral behavior can interest him, but the nature of the matter is that he requires some kind of practical implication for this model.

Answer: Give me a practical egoistic significance.

Don’t be shy and hide from the word “egoistic.” In what way is our model worthwhile for the person? In the fact that, with its help, the altruistic balance of the ego is attained.

In order to acquire an altruistic characteristic, he somehow must sacrifice his ego. However, this is not a sacrifice because he reaches a circle of people, without any obligation and without signing anything. He is ready to listen and talk with the others. Moreover, they are completely unfamiliar people who are gathered and the meeting is not linked to eating and drinking, and not dating and courtship.

It is desirable to choose people who are more or less alike because we are talking about unity and integrality and people who are closest to integrality are similar to each other because it is easier for them to connect and unite between them.

In that, we begin to work with them. We don’t impose any preconditions on them. On the contrary, we say that their ego will only benefit from this.

Question: How do we show this to them?

Answer: We don’t show it in any form. Come and convince yourself! You will feel better; have a sensation of warmth, more security, more safety, an easier life, and will learn to overcome difficulties. It will be easier for you psychologically to endure whatever happens in this world.

First and foremost, we give you a new psychological basis through which you can overcome most problems because you will become protected. Certainly, a protected person feels healthier and happier, his productivity increases, and relationships improve at work, in the family, and so forth.

That is, we are not selling a “pig in a poke” to a person. Rather, we tell him that he will feel exactly this, and it could be even after the first practical lesson.
From Kab TV’s “An Integral World” 10/24/13

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