A Textbook About Inner Harmony

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must formulate the integral method in an easy form from beginning to end. In fact, there is nothing complicated or complex about it. It speaks about the inner psychological structure of a person and about how he adapts himself to this world and uses it to change himself and enter into harmony with the environment that surrounds him.

A complex book would confuse a person. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate the material as simply as possible, for even to the greatest minds, these ideas are very complex. I say this from experience in meeting with many well-known people.

However, we are not writing a textbook for the common people. It is designed for the regular modern person who still does not understand what is happening to him even if is a genius.

The idea is that it is very difficult to destroy stereotypes. Therefore, we suggest a person close his eyes and throw himself into the group, like from a diving board into a pool, and only then will he begin to interact mutually with the group, without any preconditions, rejecting all of his stereotypes, and enter there like a small and naked person. He will begin to feel that there is an additional power in nature that we haven’t used. This is the power of society, the power of unity, the power of mutual guarantee.

If we begin to use it, our egos will transform from the evil inclination to the good inclination. If we implement the ego in the right way, we can correct it. To do this, it grew even more seventy years ago, and now it is beginning to outgrow itself, to digest itself like a cancer in the human body. If we begin to manage it in the right way, we will heal it. We have no other choice. Otherwise we will die.
From Kab TV’s “An Integral World” 10/24/13

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