A Stunning Phenomenon!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It has come to my attention that Israelis are very easily switched to feelings. While, say, in Russia, a person is used to solving problems with reason, and when I ask him: “What do you feel?”, he answers me with a question: “And what are feelings?”.

However, throughout the seminar on the integral method, which was carried out for regular people, I did not have to explain it. Maybe, it is a phenomenon of the influence by the common integral field?

Answer: I think that it is not only the influence of the common field. If you are not dealing with high level politicians, big public figures, and leaders of all kinds, who, by the nature of their work, have become so “covered up,” then everyone else can very quickly and very easily switch over to feelings. This can be seen in the results of the roundtables.

Even ardent enemies can face each other there, for example, Arab representatives from the so-called “occupied” territories and students from Tel-Aviv, who are absolutely different from each other, Bedouins from the Negev and so on. Meaning, that it can be professors and right next to them, the recently arrived repatriates from Ethiopia, Africa. And suddenly it turns out that the integral approach brings them to such a common denominator, that, say, after 40 minutes of talking, you no longer feel any difference between them.

That is an amazing phenomenon! It cannot be explained by anything other than the fact that we are moving towards commonality coinciding with nature, which begins to be revealed within us on the next level, today it is felt as unwanted, as a crisis and so on. And in reality, if we move towards it, then it turns out that here, in us, a kind of new force is emerging, new opportunities, a new internal structure of nature.

We suddenly jump up to a new platform, which is moving somewhere, and it becomes simple and easy for us. And based on our new commonality, which we literally have created in 30-40 minutes, we can reach agreements and solve various questions. We want to stay in this feeling. It must constantly be cultivated and developed, and then it will become the most important thing for us in our lives.

First and foremost, of course, we need to provide basic living conditions, food and shelter, for everyone. But in principle, this is what is actually physically needed for man, as a representative of the animal world, all else will be evaluated from the point of view of commonality. And maintaining this commonality, common confidence, common support, interaction, warmth, safety, everything that man subconsciously feels coming from what he has attained in this connection will be most important for him.

With no regrets, he will refuse all kinds of excess just to maintain this feeling and to exist in it, to live in it, so that there he would have everything necessary for life, and most importantly, the perception of himself in a warm environment, in harmony. This is because here he begins to feel the revelation of a special force, a special quality. This comes from the global integral nature, which today begins to influence us this way.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/30/12

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