Addition To Lecture 1 – The Education Center Convention In Moscow

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe world will come to its prearranged final good state anyway, but according to the nature’s program of management it is possible to come to this state not forced by suffering but by motivating ourselves independently, consciously. However, in this case, we must precede our nature, egoism, intention for oneself in all our actions, and act against egoism, towards the intention to aim for the benefit of others, bestowal in all our actions.

This is impossible because our nature is only egoism, the desire to act only for oneself in everything. But we were given this world to correct our nature, and even being in this world we can act, deceiving our egoism.

We can give to friends, although our intention will be to bestow for the sake of ourselves. We can unite with them, although our intention, our goal, would be to benefit only ourselves. But if we act like this while studying the state of “bestowal, love, for the benefit of others,” which is described in Kabbalistic sources, then we attract and awaken in ourselves the property of bestowal and love, which is called the Upper Light.

Therefore, we need friends aspiring to the same goal and we have to appreciate them to the extent of how much this goal is important for us because we cannot achieve it without them. Thus, our main task is to form such an environment that will pull us to good aspirations, instead of pushing us from behind by suffering, painfully, unconsciously, as is happening to the whole of humanity as it moves toward the same goal.

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