A Door, An Opening, An Entrance

Dr. Michael LaitmanA door, an opening, and an entrance appear all at once in spirituality. So don’t expect to see a door from a distance, then approach it and open it. When you see a door, it immediately opens! This is the law, and accordingly, if it is fulfilled, it will happen.

It is only if my vessel becomes similar to the Light—which happens suddenly like the exodus from Egypt, which was in a hurry—do I suddenly see a door that immediately becomes an opening, and I enter.

We can perform such an action in complete faith which means if I put a Masach (screen) of “in order to bestow” upon my vessel, and I become equal to the upper level.

Baal HaSulam, Letter 26: That power, to heed the word of the sages in this reality in Dalet, is called “faith”…

A person who wants to get closer to the opening must work according to the faith of the sages. To the extent that he is adhered to the greatness of his teacher and the group, he receives power by his dedication and can approach this door. He doesn’t have any powers of his own. This is how it is arranged in our world, and a person is given a teacher, a group, and the study, in order to summon the Light that Reforms, which can bring a person closer to the entrance, to the spiritual world.

…is called “faith,” as it is not established at once, but through education, adaptation, and through work.

This is what integral education is meant for, so that, by using it, people will receive the Light that Reforms that will change them. This is the difference between integral education and ordinary education that doesn’t summon the Light that Reforms and doesn’t change a person. Therefore, it is so important that every guide and teacher of integral education who works with the public should be strongly connected to the group and the study and only then to go out to disseminate.

It is similar to the tutoring of a child, who would be like an unturned stone were it not for the tutor who rears him. This is why this work is generally called “a robe,” as it is an overcoat, “beyond” human conception…

That is, above the mind of that child.

In the corporeal world, there are children who don’t have a mind yet, who are ready to annul themselves before the grownup so that he will take care of them. This is how it is naturally arranged in corporeality. If a person were born as a grownup—with a developed mind, with his own feelings and opinions—it would be impossible to take care of him. Only when he annuls himself like a baby does he allow others to do whatever they want with him. Only when he lowers his head, believing and knowing that he totally depends on you, will you be able to do something for him.

Can you imagine whether it is easy for a grown person to subdue himself that way? However, this is what we actually must do. We must take an example from this world when it comes to the phase of conception, Ibur, suckling, Yenika, and mind, Mochin. Otherwise, you will not be able to advance.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/13/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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