The World And Me

Dr. Michael LaitmanThis world is similar to an inverse stamp or shadow: It demonstrates to us to what extent we are different from the level of the spiritual world that we should correspond to (become equivalent to).

Let’s say I am ten years old and according to my age and the development I received from nature and my parents, I am expected to meet a certain level of knowledge and behavior. Yet, I don’t, hence I see the world as broken.

If I precisely met all of the requirements related to my age, I would see the world as perfect since my desire, properties, the world, and my attitude to it correspond to the age. Then, I would experience myself as existing in the world of Infinity but only in the capacity of a ten-year-old child. And it is the same at any age.

All worlds are concealments or manifestations of evil, caused by my incongruity with the system. I should be ascending its rungs, but I don’t fit them because I don’t know the laws. Therefore, the world treats me according to my defectiveness and inadequacy.

I corrupted the world with my bad attitude to it, and now I see it as existing in systems of discipline and fostering responses to me in return.

All of them seem uncorrected to me. Why?

This is so because “everyone judges with his own flaws.” The world shows us who we are, it is our shadow. Therefore, we can’t blame someone or do anything except correct ourselves internally. I examine myself in relation to the correct environment, the group, and I verify whether I have reached unity and mutual guarantee with it. Summoning the Creator for help, I bring about the correction of the collective system.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/10, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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