Don’t Fall Under The Influence Of The Masses

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we are great distances from each other, as in Scandinavia, then most of the time our environment is composed of ordinary people. We, like the others, fall under their influence and pass through all kinds of emotions and states. How can we build the right relationship towards the goal from this and take advantage of our unity?

Answer: You must detach yourselves from all of humanity, as if you are looking at it from the side; don’t fall under the influence of the masses; grasp their suffering only in order to heal them, like a doctor heals someone who is ill.

A doctor is unable to cure people who are very close to him; he cannot look at them objectively. So he must be objective, weigh the “pros” and “cons” without entering into this with his heart. This is because even though he feels those who are close to him, he must act with his mind.

And in our work with humanity, we must understand who they are, why they suffer, and that this is a projection of our inner characteristics outside of us, where each of my inner characteristics is portrayed outside as a particular object: still, vegetative, animate and even human. I must direct myself this way all the time.

Disregard anything extraneous, as if it is happening on its own; the Creator is playing with us. Why should I be influenced by the masses? I must detach myself from this, be weaned from this, be distanced. Don’t patronize them, don’t dance to the tune of their ego, pride, and arrogance, rather simply look at the world in the right way.

Everything around is material that is managed by a single power, and that is how I want to look at it; it is only in my power to bring the human material closer to the truth. I must do this like a doctor who sees a patient and examines the best way to cure him. He cannot sit and cry compassionately with the patient; rather he must work realistically and deal with him properly.

We cannot allow ourselves to be influenced by the masses, like little children who are thrown into a toy store and lose their heads through the influence of the toys. It is necessary to try to balance all of this within ourselves; this includes everyone, even our relatives. Work it out; otherwise you will not feel the Creator. You must look at the world through His eyes.
From the Bulgaria Convention “Dawn Of A New World” Day Three 11/3/13, Lesson 5

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