Do Not Fool Yourself!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We learn that the Creator sees only the real desire and we have to pray for others, not for ourselves. Is there any other action besides dissemination that can form the correct prayer within us?

Answer: There is no other action. If you don’t have anybody to disseminate to, you can do it virtually, but it has to be very serious. Just don’t console or fool yourself. If you don’t start to disseminate effectively, you will not receive the degree in which you will be able to reveal the upper world and sense it.

There are many good and strong friends in the world group, but they slack off in dissemination and therefore they are not getting closer to the revelation.

Question: Is there sufficient AHP within us in order to raise MAN?

Answer: You don’t have the AHP in order to raise MAN because it exists outside, within the people, in those who are not with you in the group.

You are not Galgalta ve Eynaim either. You will become one when you begin to seriously disseminate.
From the Talk About “Group and Dissemination,” 10/23/13

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