The Zohar: The Management Program Of The “Computer” Of Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar, “The Night of the Bride,” Item 145: The word HaVaYaH is written six times, and there are six verses from “the Heavens declare” and until “The Creator’s Torah is perfect” (Tehilim [Psalms], 19:2-8). And this is the secret of the word BERESHEET, which consists of six letters: “THE CREATOR CREATED ET (THE) HEAVENS AND THE EARTH,” six words in all.

The Zohar explains the program: “There is a program before you. Read it, talk about it, and discuss it. Those who can, remember it, and those who cannot, forget it; it doesn’t matter. Work with it. In any case you will not understand it. But by engaging in this program by reading about it and wanting to know what it is and what it speaks about, you are gradually putting it together inside you in your vessels, in your discernments.”

This is why we read about the operating program. It dresses in us to the extent that we want it to be dressed in us. The text itself helps us be somehow connected to that program.

There are different souls. For the first generation a program that was written in the form of the Torah was enough, the generations that followed needed additions, the Prophets, the Mishna, Gemarah, and then more and more new books. On the whole, however, they all explain the initial program, the five books of the Torah, by helping us want to put this program together in us so that we will actually begin to operate according to this program.

Question: If we follow the analogy of the computer and the program, then the hardware is our desire to receive. What does the program do with the desire to receive, how does it operate it differently?

Answer: In our case the hardware, the desire to receive, doesn’t change. It remains the same. Judging by the hardware, the computer is perfect. The whole difference between the programs is in the connections, in their numbers, in their ability to connect.

The software only connects all the computer parts, gives each memory cell a number, according to its importance, and connects all the cells. Accordingly, each memory cell contains certain information and they are all connected according to a certain order. This order can also change but it’s all part of the same software.

This is all we actually have. All the cells now contain one and zero and it’s up to the connection between these cells. This is life, this is the whole software, the whole operating program, and everything there is. We don’t take the actual memory cells into account, not the zero and the one in each cell. What is important and what determines things is the order of the connection between them and the dynamics of the mutual connections that constantly change, since this is what determines the flow of information that is felt in us as the flow of life. The same thing happens in our body now.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/29/13, The Book of Zohar — Introduction

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