The Spiritual Stage Of Evolution

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Peace in the World”: But when we delve deeply into it, we will find that the contradiction from reception for oneself to bestowal upon others is nothing but a psychological matter, because in fact we do bestow upon others without benefiting ourselves. …Thus, if the direction were to change from self-reception to bestowal, the individual will enjoy the entire produce he produces without much pain.

Today, when we produce much more than everyone needs, our life, in theory, should be generous, abundant, and peaceful. We could get rid of all the troubles and problems with these resources, having understood that our body requires just a basic, essential regime, and all the other efforts we need to invest into balance with nature, the Creator, into resembling Him. No matter what He reveals to us, we must immediately seek equivalence of form, adhesion, even egoistically. By this we acquire health, peace, good relationships in the family, etc.

In fact, here in this world, we have only one way to achieve a peaceful life: to produce what is essential and put all the rest of our efforts to the spiritual realm. Otherwise, we are harming ourselves because we produce nothing but problems.

What is the correct arrangement? Suppose, we dedicate ten hours a day to spiritual development and from time to time, in turns, give about an hour or more to the material needs of society. Automation allows us to completely switch to this mode.

Then we will see that our world has really completed the previous stage of industrial development and moved to the next stage, to spiritual development. This will be the final corrected way of life in this world: a person lives, provides the necessities for his “animal level,” and develops himself on the human degree, on the level of becoming similar to the Creator. This is what is before us today, according to the evolutionary process, and there is nothing else you can invent.

So, at the current stage, we have to be more and more involved in the work of building a new society, new relationships, and the new human. That is when we will see how all the pleasures that we desired and could not achieve on the previous stages are revealed. You can reach them only on the human degree because their forms of realization have to be similar to the Creator.

It’s clear from here that there is no point in waiting for new pleasures in this world. On the contrary, from now on we will just face growing suffering, which will nonetheless compel us either to take the correct form or to plunge into suffering. And these troubles will eventually do their job, meaning that by their means we will become smarter and come to the right decisions.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/31/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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