If The Activity Slows Down…

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we demand the power to ascend from the Creator the moment the activity of the group of ten slows down?

Answer: It happens that together we go through a state of descent and feel that our activity slows down, we feel powerless, a descent in our yearning, and a certain emptiness. What is more, if the emptiness is mutual, it influences us even more strongly than if I were by myself.

When I am alone and I am in a state of descent, I may feel bad when I look at others since I am at a lower state than they are, or it my impress me and I may make an effort to be on the same level they are on since I understand that I have no choice. But when the group of ten goes through a general descent, it is very difficult.

This happens very rarely, but it happens. We also see it during the lessons. Last week for example, there was this state of emptiness and it was a very difficult blurry feeling.

What can we do to exit such a state? There are several options.

The first option is to hope for help from the other groups of ten; we are not alone; we are many.

The second option is for everyone to lower their heads. If such a big wave comes along, we all have to lower our heads and this wave will pass over us. Then we will float on top of the water again, we will begin to breathe the air again and gradually come out of this state. Sometimes we have to act this way.

Sometimes we have to resist, which means not to wait for the influence of another group of ten and not to lower our heads submissively (although it is also a big problem to lower yourself before the Creator), but to act against Him. If you can gather and demand this from the Creator, then it is great. Cry out, demand, curse, do everything you can, but resist somehow.

If you can’t do anything at all; if you were active before and everything was fine and now it is as if you have all received a blow on the head and cannot exit this state in any way, at least follow this state, study it and see to what extent you are merely “rags,” and that the whole group of ten is worthless.

A bit of Light was taken from you and you are already in such a state. This means that we are under the total control of the Light and this is also something that we should feel.
Form the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/25/13, Question and Answers with Dr. Laitman

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