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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we create our point of connection within the family, from what is this built?

Answer: The point of connection is built from my good desire and the good desire of my wife. This is the point of connection in which we feel each other internally. I suddenly begin to feel what is in my wife’s mind and heart and she feels what is in my mind and heart. We begin to be linked by more internal points that connect into one point.

And of course, when we attain this point of connection, it immediately disappears! At that moment evasion and hiding happens. It is as if I am trying to catch a target in the crosshairs and this point is turning all the time so that I don’t succeed in hitting it. But precisely because we are tracking it all the time and inserting more precision, adding variety, desires, thoughts, and mutual efforts, in this way we make progress.

Constant effort and steady work within the mind and heart are required of us, but simultaneously we feel excited. Here something new is discovered that we share, which is called the “man,” the inclusion of Adam and Eve together, a man and a woman. We discover the inner spiritual foundation of this structure called a “man” (Adam).

Question: How can I be sure that I am watching this process from our shared point and not from my private, self-serving point?

Answer: This feeling cannot be measured. You simply know that you feel each other now as you never felt each other before. Suddenly a unique sensation like this is awakened in you that you don’t want to escape. It gives you a feeling of vitality and fulfillment a billion times greater than you ever felt before. Then you can succeed in connecting to the image found opposite to you, and in this way you go out of yourself and begin to feel the whole world.

Question: So what can we do so this point of connection will never disappear?

Answer: You must work on it all the time together. If you grasp this point, you need to try to hold on to it through constant coupling, with a sensation of inner connection that doesn’t disappear.

Inner coupling cannot be explained in words. When you feel it in yourself, only then will you understand. This is not a beastly, corporeal coupling, rather a connection in which you feel that your own inner world and the inner world of your partner have become one.

Question: How does this actually happen, will I feel my wife’s thoughts, her emotions?

Answer: These will no longer be her thoughts, rather those of both of you, a common thought. A new reality is created from the connection of both of you into one. And within this connection, you will feel a higher level. We call this the Creator since we once came into this world from this level, were born, grew, and as if by chance we met and married. And now, thanks to this work, we again return to that source.

Question: And what do we do if we reach a drop of feeling like this for a second and then it disappears?

Answer: You must begin the work anew: I again describe to myself what my wife wants from me, compare this to my egoistic desire, and between these two extremes, construct a middle line. In that middle line we connect and reach a new unity.

When we get experience doing this work, then we can develop our personal relationships in an informed manner. But for starters, this picture can be described more simply, not in its true form, where each works with his two egoistic lines and builds between them a middle line, but as two opposing lines, mine and my partner’s, while attaining a middle line between us. And then each to the degree of his concession, will advance towards the middle where we meet.
From KabTV’s “A New Life #46” 8/1/12

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