Willing To Prepare

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why does the desire to resemble the Creator appear in a person?

Answer: That is called a gradual approach to confronting Mount Sinai when I have prepared myself for a new system of values to be formed within me, when the attribute of bestowal becomes for me the highest and most important quality, and although I have no previous conditions for this, I am ready to part with everything for it.

This desire penetrates through the point in the heart that from the beginning exists in each person. But if it is still asleep, lost within the depths of a person’s ego, then there is nothing to be done. One needs to bring it out though gradual influence in a suitable environment that will awaken this point through all kinds of egoistic actions and influences perceived correctly by the person, and a person will feel that it’s worthwhile to do this since the environment confirms it.

This means that we wash and cleanse these layers in order to reach the point in the heart, and when it begins to come forward, a person is willing to give everything in order to realize it.

This is because the questions are unable to receive an answer in the egoistic dimension. This is the result of the previous steps of the influence of the Light on it. Concerning all the questions about his ego, a person gives one answer: “Because that is what I want!” After all, there is no other way to answer the ego. He is not able to justify this unacceptable act from his viewpoint.

However, one needs to approach this gradually. Thus, we need to understand that our dissemination of this system to the world should be done to the same extent that the world agrees and is ready to listen. And on the other hand, the general crisis operates in such a way that people are already able to listen to it.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/18/13

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