He Escapes, But Turns His Head Backwards

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “What is an Optional War in the Work,” Part 2: It is said: “My beloved is like a deer.” A deer turns its face backwards when it escapes. Thus the face becomes the posterior again. This means that He yearns and longs to adhere to Israel again. This generates longing in Israel too and the longing to be adhered to the Creator, and the extent of the yearning and the longing is actually the face itself.

This is the only way we advance, and it isn’t only spiritual advancement, but also in the corporeal world where time goes by and there are good times and bad times in our evolutionary process. From the time of the shattering of the vessels onward, the Light constantly influences the vessels and the Reshimot (informational genes) change all the time from face to posterior and back to face again, at one time corresponding to the Light and at the other not, and this goes on continuously.

So it seems to a person as if the Light comes and then it’s dark according to the state he is in. This is how corporeal life is arranged as joy and sadness constantly change, and it’s the same in spiritual work. But in spiritual work everything depends on a person and on his ability to awaken himself with the help of external means: the study, the group, the teacher, and dissemination.

Thus he hastens time. The more he participates actively in hastening time, the more strongly he feels the lowliness of his nature, but at the same time, he also feels elation and the greatness of the goal he wants to attain. It turns out that the Creator constantly turns His face or His posterior to a person, which is in fact only the person’s feeling according to his attainment. It’s all a result of the changing Reshimot in a person and his own participation.

So there are three factors that influence this process:

  • a person’s Reshimot, which is the Aviut (thickness) of his desire;
  • a person’s participation, which is his future Masach (screen);
  • the Light at absolute rest, the Creator who always wants to be in a state of “face to face” with a person and is waiting for this relationship.

The main thing is to see that every state comes from the upper force and that it’s only in order to help us advance.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/17/13

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