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Dr. Michael LaitmanWe should always try to remember that everything that happens to us is not blind fate, but rather comes from the Creator, and there is none else besides Him. If I suddenly remember the Creator, it isn’t by chance either, but it is because this is what the Creator wants, and so He reminds me of that. Therefore, I should be thankful that I am given the feeling of the special treatment that is given to me from Above, and I should respond accordingly. This means that the Creator has brought me near Him.

This approximation can be felt as good or as bad. The feeling is in the desire to receive, and if it is a good feeling, I have to work above it and try to do something for the Creator’s benefit.

A good feeling is a problem since our desire to receive feels pleasure in it and is filled with pride. I enjoy or am simply in a good mood for having filled my desire with respect, control, and knowledge. In such conditions it is hard for me to know why I am suddenly drawn to the Creator: perhaps it is because my desire to receive feels good now and it pushes me forward so that the Creator will fill my pride, my desire for control and respect.

It is much easier to attribute myself to the Creator when I don’t feel fulfillment, but rather feel darkness. Then I don’t receive any compensation in my desire to receive. In such cases, even if I make the slightest effort and want to adhere to the Creator without receiving any pleasure for it, I will already be above my desire to receive, which didn’t receive any reward.

It turns out that weak people should be led through the darkness so that from the darkness it will be easier for them to rise and advance in “faith above reason.” Since they don’t receive anything within reason, everything is in the dark. This is how a person is allowed to grow.

However, great people are given the hardening of the heart; they are tried by experiencing success in money, respect, knowledge, and control. Then a person feels the Light, meaning the filling in all these desires, but he has to rise above it and to adhere to the Creator, not for the reward in his desire to receive. This is very hard work.

It says: “call Him when He is near.” But near what, is it near my desire to receive or near my ability to rise above it?

Perhaps the Creator is sending me an unpleasant feeling, but by that wants to bring me closer and to help me reach Him above my desire to receive. By giving me different fillings in my corporeal egoistic desire, He doesn’t become closer to me. On the contrary, He draws away. He may be closer to me if despite all the egoistic temptations I adhere to Him more strongly.

Everything is evaluated with regard to a person who checks and measures his states. The main thing is how he interprets all the states and rises above them by justifying the Creator who wants to bring him closer to Him. If a person understands that, then no matter what comes along, he receives any state as the most optimal state to get closer to the Creator. Thus they become close to one another.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/07/12, Shamati #241

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  1. If a person is in constant pain and unable to get Doctors to treat him to substantially relieve the pain from this rare disease that he has, what should he think to justify this pain sent to him by the Creator when the pain is become more and more unbearable for him?

  2. Dear Robert,
    You write about a man who is in constant pain and can not see any help..
    I admit that I’m not sure what is the real meaning of the word expression “pain from this rare disease”
    .. but if I think about it in my own way, I can tell you that “infrequent” or “rare” (in the eyes of the man) may be simultaneously in the eyes of another human being to mean “widespread” or even “normal, usual” ..
    Let´s the man preserve! (when one finds a memory that it raises a smile on your face, You know! that sooner or later everything will clarify;-)

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