Men And Women: Mutual Expectations

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the workshop on the subject of integral unity for married couples, the question was asked: “What do women want from men?” And one of the women said: “I want my husband to survive through all my states.” What does that mean?

Answer: A woman expects fulfillment from a man. She relates to a man as to her source of mental, spiritual, and psychological fulfillment. In some way, she begins to grasp the world through her husband, through the man. It’s specifically what she is waiting for and wants. Without that she doesn’t feel that she is connected to the world, to life as it should be. It’s as if she has no base point, a point of support.

Psychologically, a woman wants to be next to a man who will be as a source of inner fulfillment. For this she is ready to give everything material, everything external, in order to receive from him what she is not able to create herself, meaning mental, spiritual, and psychological fulfillment.

While the man, on the contrary, doesn’t need mental, spiritual, or psychological fulfillment from the woman. He needs support on the regular corporeal level. And thus they come in contact with each other. This is the way nature created us.
From a Talk on Integral Education 4/4/13

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