Grow Up To The Right Motivation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: An ordinary person gets everything in a particular way: Why do I need to go out to an integral level now? What is this transition? In fact, this is a transition from an ordinary crowd to a crowd with integral consciousness.

Answer: This is a transition to unity. It is very critical that a person change his nature. He must live by other laws and must consider those around him as he considers himself. He must understand and feel that this is good.

So, we must incorporate workshops and talks, or the workshop should come after the conversation when the workshop participants begin to discuss between them what we said. First of all, they confirm that this is realistic. Secondly, they confirm that this is desirable. Along with this, through their sharing and discussion of everything in a group of ten, they are using the common group intelligence.

However, I don’t think a society like this exists today. It certainly depends on what kind of event to which you are coming. For example, if you come to a group of coal miners in Chile or Venezuela, it is very likely that they will not understand this yet. This has not reached them yet; while in North America and Europe, one already can talk quite seriously about the crisis, about how it feels, about the need to solve it and so on. People already are feeling various threats internally. Therefore, they have no particular problems with being motivated.
From KabTV’s “Wisdom of Crowds” 5/14/13

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