An Objective Look At What Is Happening

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A child who wants to be a designer yearns for his goal and therefore plays at it. However, when we begin to work with a group in a factory—begin to learn, to imagine or to play—this group has no motivation. There is neither a need nor a necessity to become integral. There is no need for them to nullify themselves. Moreover, they explain that, “It is the world that is broken. I am good!”

Answer: This is not important. After all, this is because we are not conducting workshops for beginners. First, we have conversations with them including questions and answers. I don’t start by welcoming discussions and arguments because they must rely on people having serious knowledge. Therefore, our system is composed of learning and workshops.

In this way, the first part is informative where, by showing all kinds of clips and pictures, you can explain to the participants with specific examples about what is happening in nature, with us, toward what we are advancing, and  how mandatory and imperative all this is for our salvation.

Motivation is very simple here. Every day we are discovering greater and greater threats from the world around us, from nature, and so forth. If we don’t unite seriously and integrally, then there is a threat to our lives from ecological disaster coming from all around the world, not only from human society.

It also needs to be explained without threats. Rather, all kinds of experts must be invited or interviews with them must be shown in which they explain the necessity for mutual integral cooperation between humans and between them and nature.

We need to give them a general picture of what is happening.

I understand very well that the person is very far from this general picture. He is not concerned about anything other than what concerns him in the present moment. He doesn’t want to see beyond his nose, and he is right! That is how he was created! So, he sees before him a vast world that doesn’t seem to depend on him. Rather, he is included in it only because he needs to live his life and nothing more than this.

However, without threats—rather through education—we show that trouble is already knocking on his door, he then will begin to reflect and think about this.
From KabTV’s “Wisdom of Crowds” 5/14/13

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