Directors For The Collective

Directors For The CollectiveQuestion: There are people with a very strong desire to control, to manage others. How should one cooperate with them during the process of integral upbringing?

Answer: I think that if they get a correct understanding of the laws of nature, the proper education in the right environment, they will not be able to use this to the detriment of society. Along with this, if they are wonderful organizers, if they gather people into integral groups where they complement each other as parts of one society, then we certainly need people like this.

Look, how many people can actually be managers? There are very few, at most 5%.

I would like it very much if 5% were managers in our collective, but there is a total of only 0.5%. Wherever you look, it’s always the same people because everyone else can only carry things out; very few can create.

So, it’s necessary to educate these people correctly. If we can form a common collective team and constantly work with them, giving them the right guidance and ideology, then after a while, they will finally become directors for the entire greater collective.

Comment: During the process of integral interaction, it’s necessary to be as open as possible, to rise above our ego, to detach from it, and to connect with others. A model of behavior like this is contrary to the spirit of leadership. Leaders can’t enter a group like this; they are on the sidelines all the time.

Answer: And they don’t need it! They look at a group from a different level. They organize it, have concern for it, and relate to the group as to their children.

In this there is a difference between traditional education with which they are familiar and integral education. If they treat their group, the society that they organize, as their children, they must be separated from them and look at them “from on high,” with a caring and organizing eye. Then, this is good.

This is completely a distinct and separate group of people who are being educated as organizers.
From a Talk on Integral Education 4/4/13

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