Freedom From Myself

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Freedom”: Death is necessarily an absence and negation of the existence of a certain object. But only while there is a spark that wishes to exist for its own pleasure is it possible to say about it that that spark does not exist because it has become absent and died.

However, if there is no such spark in man, but all the sparks of his essence clothe in bestowal of contentment upon their Maker, then it is neither absent nor dead. For even when the body is annulled, it is only annulled with respect to self-gratification, in which the will to receive is dressed and can only exist in it.

However, when he achieves the aim of Creation and the Creator receives pleasure from him, since His will is done, man’s essence, which clothes in His contentment, is granted complete eternity, like Him. Thus, he has been rewarded with freedom from the angel of death.

We have to provide the deficiency, the vessel, the need to bring the Creator contentment. From our place, from our nature, there is only one way we can express such a desire: In an aspiration to connect to others, to be incorporated in the desires of others, and to help these desires to be filled with the Creator.

This is the level of Bina, the level of faith, of bestowal, which works this way with its upper and lower parts: GAR (the first three) and ZAT (the seven lower). The lower part, ZAT, is incorporated in the desires of the lower one, and the upper part, GAR, can reach the Creator. This is how we have to receive: Malchut must receive its form from Bina.

So, if we connect in groups of, let’s say, ten people, in which we are now working, each one loses his egoistic self and is incorporated in others, then through that, he exits himself and becomes part of our connection. Thus, he already has a new point of birth, freedom from his ego.

However, on what account can he be born? After all, he doesn’t have a deficiency of his own. Everyone thinks: “When will I finally reach the state of spiritual embryo and then that of suckling, when I will feed on the Light? How will I advance a bit more?” However, this is only possible if we receive deficiencies from others, from AHP.

By annulling myself before the group, I annul only my ego and become like GAR of Bina that doesn’t need anything. We are in mutual bestowal, but how can we bring the Creator contentment? We can discover His Light only in the vessels of reception, and these vessels must be foreign to us. It turns out that we have to turn to the external world and contact the general public, as it is written: “I dwell among my people.” This is how we discover the right vessel for the revelation of the Creator.

We have to accept this, live with this thought, and understand that we will reach a special state precisely in this way. It is special since we totally leave ourselves, when our desires to receive are completely empty of all the material acquisitions, and we merge with the Creator by our equivalence of form. Thus, there are no thoughts left about one’s own existence, but we have only the thought of bringing contentment to the Maker.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/7/13

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