A Missile Alert Or Worrying About The Creator?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Israel is constantly under the threat of a military confrontation or war. Hundreds of missiles with conventional and nonconventional warheads are aimed at us. Not long ago I participated in a drill practicing an emergency situation. People may be complacent regarding what is happening, but the situation is actually very worrisome. How can we tell people about the external threat and about our message and the urgent need for internal changes?

Answer: This threat is actually hovering over us all the time. So first of all you have to be sure that the inner work is the key to all the problems. In addition to that, you have to bring this about in your connection with the friends. You have to connect and to unite with them and to fulfill the necessary actions in order to connect and bring the Creator contentment.

We have to tie these things together: If we brought the Creator contentment, we wouldn’t be facing the threats and the problems we are speaking of now. This is what we have to do: to discuss this, to “chew” it well and to finally “swallow” it and understand it. Then we will put together the general picture and see that first we need to correct ourselves internally. If we correct ourselves, we will correct the world.

As for the missiles, our nation has been in similar situations in the past. But now we have a chance to be saved from all the troubles and save the nation and the whole world. We have to examine this opportunity as a purposeful opportunity: when we act not in order to save the bodies but for the Creator’s sake. We have to raise ourselves to the level of this state, of this perception. Otherwise, we will not attain bestowal and will not be able to fulfill anything in the right direction.

It’s wrong to complain and to cry about the threats not knowing where to run to escape them. We mustn’t confuse the cause and the effect. It’s because the real cause is to reach adhesion, and this is what we have to attain. The means to attain that is to reach bestowal, which we can attain only by rising above our ego. In order to draw and to obligate people to do so we find ourselves in this situation.

We mustn’t stick our heads in the sand since by that we forget about the whole thing. There is no point sitting together and crying over this situation, it won’t help. Another response is required here, a different approach.

The whole point is how we accept these problems. They are not coincidental. So why do they happen? Instead of being overwhelmed by animal fear, we have to connect everything to the cause of all the results, to the Creator, to “There is none else besides Him.” Only we can do that; only we can turn everything around.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/21/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam “The Mutual Guarantee”

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