The Actors And The Spectators

The Actors And The SpectatorsQuestion: On one hand, I must correct my attitude towards the friends, no matter how I perceive their relation towards me, even if it seems that they hate me. But on the other hand, I can’t aspire to correction if I do not receive support and guarantee from the friends. How do these things work out?

Answer: It’s necessary to see the reality like this: There is Malchut of the world of Infinity, and all of it it’s me. Malchut is divided into two parts: Now I feel one part as myself and the other as what is outside of me. Yet actually these are external Kelim (desires), near and far, constituting a complex system of various relationships between themselves and even between me and them. This entire system, everything that seems to me as “I” and “them,” is in fact myself. All this together is mine. But at this point I need to see a double picture: my own part and the part that is opposite, contrary to me.

And besides this, there is a Creator who built this state. What for? This is to develop my mind and feelings. After all, they are developed only through the work between us, meaning between me and others.

If the picture of reality were entirely portrayed within me, I would be below the still level. It’s because even the still feels the environment, while I would only be a point of primordial matter. I would be even further from the vegetative level that feels the environment more strongly, consumes, absorbs, and excretes substances, and reproduces, in short, lives, even if it pays for it with its death. This is even more relevant regarding the animate and speaking levels. People don’t just interact, they overcome vast distances, discover new means of communication, and make extraordinary efforts to transcend time and space.

Therefore, everything is measured according to the strength of the connection between a certain creation and its environment. The intensity of our development depends on the amount and capacity of connections between us, in other words, on interdependence, mutual guarantee, and the integration revealed throughout the world.

It’s impossible to reach the Creator if I don’t see everyone as opposite me and opposing me, hated by me and hating me. And in every detail I must rise above the habitual, superficial approach to a higher level. I need to ask for help from the Creator and build support in a group by picturing it to myself as part of me.

In fact the entire world, all people, animals, and plants, all of the still level of nature, the entire universe, is my soul. But I am separated from it by that power of imagination that the Creator inserted into me and thus I can’t discern see the closeness between us. This is too much for me.

But Kabbalists suggest to me to use a group, a small part of the world that I can imagine as my soul. It means that I need to stick to my friends with my heart, to unite with them, and to bring these Kelim (desires) back into me, contrary to the power of my imagination that portrays them as being outside of me.

Understandably, I can’t do this alone, the upper Light is required here. It separated me from these Kelim, so let it now correct my present “vision” and bring it back, within. And then I will feel that I am getting my soul back. I sink into the friends, melt into them, or embrace them and put them inside, it doesn’t matter how to say it. The main thing is to make it happen: unity, oneness, the guarantee. As I build a mutual connection between us, to that degree I will feel what is felt in the soul: the revelation of the Creator.

Regarding the current period, our times, a small group is not enough. We need to connect with the groups scattered throughout the world and then with the entire world. This is the task we have received.

In its essence, the present generation is ready and called upon to correct the entire shared soul. This is clear from the world crisis, from the awakening of the people and the continued correction in all kinds of places.

But the most important thing that we need to understand is that the group is the soul. Even though in reality the soul includes all levels, all the worlds, the Malchut of Infinity, but at least for now we must focus on ourselves, the members of the group. A friend is someone who works together with me and wants to reach unity like me so that no “gaps,” no separation, nothing remains between us. Exactly in this form we must define and mark the boundaries of the group.

In this case, if there are hundreds of thousands of our supporters in the world, the world group can count only a few hundred people, those who understand the idea, work on it without question, and use their natural resistance to create an even stronger connection. After all, everything contains its opposite, which makes it possible to establish itself. Thus, we need to be happy when defects are discovered—after all, the love is revealed above them.

Someone who is capable and ready to work in this way is called a “friend.” And the rest, in the meantime they are “spectators”…. Of course, I don’t underestimate anyone—everyone should examine where he is.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/7/13, Writing of Rabash

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