Back To A Childhood Free From Worries

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The workshops dealing with the mutual integral cooperation are hard internal work. People make great efforts especially when they become integrally communicative, so what should we focus on?

Answer: A person should prepare before the workshop and say to himself: “Calm down. Look at everyone with a smile, even if it is an artificial smile at first, and try to smile more naturally with time. Look “into” the person you are talking to; try to love him; try to get close to him.”

Thus, we gradually focus before the workshop because we want to find additional positive attributes inside us, that are hidden somewhere deep within us. Nature, however, reveals only our negative attributes, and we want to balance them.

So we have to start by such preparations: Let’s hold hands like children and sing kids’ songs. It is very relaxing. Can you imagine respectable men and women in their fifties, sitting together and singing kids’ songs?

A person has to free himself from his worries and detach himself from everything he has in society, at work, and at home. Everyone feels good when they return to their childhood that was free from worries; we all remember it warmly, except in rare cases.

So do relaxation exercises, play a little game so people will feel sympathetic toward one another. Besides, you can simply give each one a task: “Say something nice about everyone,” and thus begin the workshop.
From a Talk on Integral Education 4/2/13

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