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Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Nation”: It is shameful to admit that one of the most precious merits we have lost during the exile, and the most important of them, is the loss of the awareness of the nationality, that natural feeling that connects and sustains each and every nation. The threads of love that connect the nation, which are so natural and primitive in all the nations, have become degenerated and detached from our hearts; they are gone.

[…] The only hope is […] to discover and ignite once more the natural national love that have been dimmed within us… This work precedes all others.

First, we shouldn’t forget that we are actually not a nation like all the other nations. The foundation of the world is the “70 nations of the world” (the ten Sefirot times seven) that stem from Zeir Anpin in the world of Atzilut. It gives Malchut different forms, and so every nation has typical attributes that project a certain attribute of the Creator. Ultimately, all the nations unite together in the image of Zeir Anpin, the Creator.

So where is the place of Israel in this picture? Israel is the intention, the yearning for that, the activating element and nothing more than that. “Israel,” which means “straight to the Creator” (Yashar-El), has to bring all the nations of the world to this form. Those who have a point in the heart, “sparks” of the shattered Masach (screen), carry out this mission.

We used to be a unique nation different from all the other nations, with special relationships that were based on the principle of “love thy friend as thyself,” or at least based on “don’t do unto others what is hateful for you.” This framework was already established by Abraham’s group and was kept at different degrees until the destruction of the Temple. During this whole period we lived beyond the Machsom (barrier), in bestowal.

On the whole, the condition for the existence of the nation of Israel, which allows us to transcend the Machsom and to enter the spiritual life, is a good mutual connection. When this connection is lost, we are not called “Israel” in the spiritual sense anymore and are not in the “Land of Israel,” meaning in the desire directed straight to the Creator.

Today we live among the nations of the world who hate us, and the reason is clear. When the vessels (desires) fall from the level of Atzilut to the level of the shells, to the impure worlds of  BYA, they find themselves under the “press of evolution” that forces them to constantly advance.

Generally speaking, there are Lights, sparks, and vessels. So the vessels feel that they depend on the sparks, that is, on people with the point in the heart, without whom it’s impossible to receive the Light. As a result they adopt all our customs: our religion, manners, morals, laws, and so on. On the other hand, they hate us since they don’t receive from us what they need. It is because subconsciously they expect something else.

This will continue until we begin to show the nations of the world that we seriously intend to fulfill our role in practice. Thus we will again be the nation of Israel that lives in the Land of Israel and fulfill its role with regards to the 70 nations of the world. It is because they in particular are the “matter” of creation that has to reach the equivalence of form with the Creator.

So we are merely a Masach, an intention, the attribute of Bina, while the main part is Malchut. So the right combination and cooperation between us and the nations of the world is the basis for our advancement towards the goal of creation. The nation of Israel cannot exist by itself without the nations of the world. We have to reach mutuality and correction, and it does not depend on the world, but on how we act according to the times and the current conditions that we have to fulfill.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/15/13, “The Israeli Nation”

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    At the Milan group BB was imposed do not to use the seat more to see the lesson of the morning together, to have lunch together or make workshop. We were told that the seat is only for disclosure for 99%.
    What we have to disclose to the 99% if we can not ‘do the inner work?

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