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Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is never revealed to us in advance what we have to do and how to do it. The Creator is concealed, His system is concealed, and I am given several means with which I can try to recreate the system inside me. I am only given a certain part of the Creator’s system as an example and asked to create it by myself. Then I discover that I have the exact opposite attributes with respect to the properties that I have to create. But this is also help, since I am shown the exact oppositeness! I have to find this oppositeness, to understand and feel it, and from the opposite property to guess the right attribute.

This means that I learn why I am corrupted this way and why I must agree to the opposite despite my reluctance. In order to do this, I have to annul myself, lower my importance and to increase the importance of the Creator. I am in a struggle and don’t agree to trample on myself.

For example, there are people whom I hate the most, who have caused me so many problems, that I don’t want to see and who ignite anger in me when I see them. Now I have to develop a different attitude toward them, the opposite attitude. I begin to discover that my intentions are opposite from the intentions that are presented to me as desirable.

I am brought to the group and told to connect with them and to love them. If I begin to love them, I will correct my perception and my senses and will calibrate myself to the feeling and the revelation of the Creator. I can feel Him in my friends, in this corrected relationship that I create. Instead of the friends, I will feel the Creator. There are no friends; there is only the Creator.

All this is thanks to the fact that I have broken my ego and inverted it, twisted it inside out, by having changed my attitude towards my enemies from hate to love, from rejection to connection. But I do all that in order to build a system of compatibility to the upper force. By developing and increasing the Creator’s importance in order to bring Him contentment without any connection to myself, I bring Him contentment in a way that He doesn’t even see me, just as I don’t see Him now. He doesn’t feel that it comes from me, just as I don’t feel that everything comes from Him. It is as if He, as if, ignores me, just as I neglect Him now because of the concealment and by that He lets me feel that I really conceal myself. I am ready for Him to ignore me and that He wouldn’t know anything about me, since then my bestowal, my attitude toward Him will be just like His attitude toward me, according to the way it seems to me now.

By all this we learn the right attitude toward the Creator above our corrupt desire. This means that we correct our desire and our attitude and by that attain bestowal. This means that we develop the feeling of the importance of the Creator in order to connect to Him.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/23/13, Writings of Rabash

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