Becoming The Creator’s Student

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn a person’s attitude to the Creator, we first must develop the importance of the upper inside us, which is called “make yourself a Rav,” so that the Creator becomes great in our eyes. Now He is concealed and we don’t feel that He is important. And to the extent that we gain faith in the Creator, although we don’t see Him, but  we develop the feeling of His importance with the help of the group, the Creator seems great to us. Then we are ready to do all manner of actions in order to connect to Him. This is all our work with the Creator.

I come to the group, begin to study, listen, and get a chance to discover the upper reality. In the meantime it is concealed from me and I don’t feel it, don’t understand, don’t see anything, but I already have an urge for it, which is not quite clear yet, and I want to fulfill it.

It is hard for me to live without fulfilling this urge; I feel that life is empty and meaningless. Everything that I have has lost its meaning and has become tasteless. I am told that I don’t feel the Creator since my attributes are opposite from His, as I have certain attributes in my current reality that I have not chosen.

According to these attributes I perceive the reality according to the law of equivalence of form. We know that it is possible to perceive a certain wavelength only by the right detector. I see colors and hear sounds only according to my senses that can perceive and discover them because they have the same attributes as the observed phenomenon. Everything is according to equivalence of form.

So according to my attributes, I perceive only a tiny fragment of the world that is before me. This fragment is the world that I feel and see. There can be millions of other phenomena around me that I don’t perceive, since I haven’t developed the feeling and senses for them.

This entire reality is called the “Creator.” He created this whole reality, but He shows me only a small fragment of it in which I can live and develop independently in order to discover and to feel Him.

I develop my senses by myself, and so I understand what I do and what I feel. Thus it becomes my system because I develop my own system by myself by developing and improving myself. By this, I build the Creator’s image inside me, until I feel all of reality completely. This will mean that I have recreated the image of the whole external reality, the image of the Creator, inside me. Therefore I am called Adam, a whole human, that resembles (Domeh) the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/23/13, Writings of Rabash

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