Kabbalah And Occult Teachings

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does Lurianic Kabbalah reject occult hermetic sciences? Can a materialistically oriented person consider hermetic sciences real? Do they actually exist, or not?

Answer: All hermetic sciences are not real; they have no basis for them whatsoever, they’re just a figment of somebody’s imagination, a fantasy. Having my doctorate in Philosophy (the subject of my thesis is “Philosophy, Religion and Kabbalah”) gives me the right to state with confidence that Kabbalah is a pure science.

Because philosophy and any other of our attempts to understand reality are based not on research but solely on reason, which is really based on what is not known, as a rule, they are based on our egoism, but we do not realize it.

As a result, philosophy died a long time ago. All so-called spiritual teachings are gradually vanishing, since people rise above them and see that they are invalid. There are no substantiations or verifications concerning the seriousness of multiple spiritual teachings. They’re exclusively based upon our sensations, but as we all know, feelings can be very diverse; that’s why presently there are about 2800 religions and belief systems, and we see them gradually disappearing.

Kabbalah is not for or against them. It stands aside them; it explores nature as physics or any other regular science does. The major principle of Kabbalah is investigating nature, becoming similar to it, and winning. Kabbalah is a very concrete science; it doesn’t talk about the soul in the way religions do. A soul in Kabbalah signifies an extremely serious and profound attainment and understanding of the world in which we currently live. The purpose of this kind of realization is staying afloat and protecting ourselves from a huge storm that approaches us in response to our ignorance and unwillingness to follow the laws of nature.
From the Georgia Convention, 11/5/12, Lesson 1

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  1. What is the outlook on The Tarot,I Ching? I realize some use this to manipulate others wallets,yet not all do that. I am psychic,and use the above to make good decisions for myself,sometimes. Any time I have4 used it to help another,it was free. I don’t believe in charging for a gift from above. Does Kabbalah see it as a tool for improvement? Thanks for your time.

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