Iceland: All Write The Constitution

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from CNET): “A year after Iceland asked its citizens to help write its new constitution by making suggestions via Facebook, voters decide this new draft should be the basis for the upcoming constitution. …

“In the wake of a crushing recession and raging protests, the government decided to rewrite its constitution and asked its citizens for help. Rather than requesting petitions, letters, or phone calls, the government asked people to help draft the new constitution through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.

“Over the course of the year, Iceland’s citizens offered roughly 3,600 comments and 370 suggestions on the draft constitution, which was then drawn up by 25 members of a constitutional council, according to Reuters.

“Two-thirds of Iceland’s population is on Facebook, so during the drafting period the council’s weekly meetings were broadcast live on the council’s website, as well as on the social network. Citizens were able to make their own suggestions, engage in online debates, and follow the proceedings in real-time.”

“The bill’s prologue starts with the following words: ‘We, who inhabit Iceland, want to create a fair society, where everyone is equal. Our different origins enrich all of us as a whole and together we have the responsibility for the legacy of the generations, land and history, nature, language and culture.’

“The main themes which the Constitutional Council has observed during its work have been these three: Distribution of power, transparency and responsibility. …

“The Chapter on Human Rights has been revised and is now called Human Rights and Nature. The Principle of Equality is more detailed than in the present constitution and especially provides that all shall be granted the right to live with dignity. …

“Other new items in the Chapter on Human Rights and Nature are articles on Icelandic nature and environment and an article on resources, which states that resources not under private ownership are owned collectively and eternally by the people of Iceland.” Source

My Comment: If this is not accompanied by integral education, then we end up lagging in all the areas of life with an artificially closed society and dictatorship. I repeat, it is impossible to build anything artificially, meaning with an unprepared society. There will be success only if the scope of laws will be adapted to people, their capabilities, their level of requirements for themselves, and consciousness, instead of to unrealistic ideals.

Society should be equally developed; it should strive consciously for unity and equality. These properties must be instilled in people in advance. And only after that you can begin to implement the project. The ARI Institute offers the state of Iceland the method of integral education and upbringing and volunteers to provide any assistance in its implementation!

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