How To Avoid Feeling Lonely

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: As a psychologist, I had an opportunity to communicate with a number of women who have participated in the integral experiment in a direct or an indirect manner. Some of them complained that they spend the majority of their time alone: The husband is busy all day; the children are small and she needs to be fully involved in what they are doing; she has no time to communicate with her girlfriends. They do not understand how to organize their lives. What should they do?

Answer: I think that women will not feel alienated from others if we give them the right kind of preparation, teach them to use a computer, and constantly broadcast, over television or computer, programs of virtual communication, combining education and upbringing, all the news of the society that is being newly created. In addition, women need to connect through Skype or other programs that allow them to interact, see each other, and communicate. They need to have a mutual virtual table.

We understand that women are busy at work and at home, and even when a woman does not work in any society, she has much more work at home than men. The woman is the home. No matter how much we separate from our original nature, this is still her purpose. Maybe these things are unpleasant to hear, but this is part of the foundation of nature, so we need to consider it.

If among all the current obligations of a woman, we will give her an opportunity to participate in the common movement, she will feel like she is a part of a big society, a big movement, and this will be enough. She will maintain it. She will justify her husband’s activities. This is enough for her to properly participate in the community.
From a Talk on Integral Upbringing 3/4/12

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