Shedding The Hated Serpent’s Skin

Dr. Michael LaitmanAfter all the preparation from above, the shattering and the descents, our desire to receive pleasure is divided into three parts: the inner part suitable for correction and the two external parts that can be corrected if we stop using them. These two parts are called the “shell of Noga” and the “serpent’s skin.” But, the inner part is called the “inner body.”

The entire correction a person has to perform takes place in the thought. If one thinks about it, he is outside his body, which means that he aspires to bestow upon others—the friends, the group, and the world, as it is written, “From the love of man to the love of the Creator; from the love of the creatures to the love of the Creator,”—then he doesn’t nourish his ego, and, as a result, his egoistic desire dies. After all, it cannot exist without food, so it disappears!

However, a person must constantly guard himself since the temptations from the “serpent’s skin” and from the “shell of Noga” constantly will draw him, trying to hold onto him, to hold onto thoughts of envy, ambition, and dominance. They do it cunningly, and, thanks to that, each time a person can decide that he doesn’t want these thoughts, but that he wants to work outside his own interests without any self-benefit, but only in order to bestow.

If he clarifies things enough, through a certain number of such actions, he separates the inner body, the soul of holiness, and the external body in which no intention to bestow can be dressed. If he stops thinking about them, then the soul of holiness is dressed in the inner body about which it is written: “From my flesh shall I see God.” This means that a person begins to discover the Light, the Creator, Divinity, and the revelation of the Creator, in his flesh, in his body, in his skin.

It is all thanks to the fact that he managed to keep himself in thoughts and clarifications that were outside his body, which means outside his self-benefit. He tied himself to the Creator so that he could be sure that everything comes from Him and that there is none else besides Him. The Creator arranged all of this so that he will be able to clarify the three bodies after the sin of the Tree of Knowledge.

As a result of the persistent clarifications, a person gradually deprives his two external bodies, the shell of Noga and the serpent’s skin, of their food, and they depart from him and vanish. When the difference between the internal body and the two external bodies becomes evident enough, the Light on the very first level can be dressed in his inner body, which means being born in the spiritual world.

If a person constantly aspires for bestowal upon others—the friends, the group, and the Creator, which means that he wants to be “outside his skin,” outside his desire to enjoy—then it is in this desire that the upper Light is dressed, as it is written, “From my flesh shall I see God.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/29/12, Shamati #36

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