The Transition To Integral Thinking

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should the transition from a linear, egoistic consumer thinking to an integral one occur in a jump, a sharp rejection of the old ways of thinking? Or is it a gradual step-by-step process?

Answer: This is by no means an artificial shift!

We need to involve people in the system of education and upbringing. These are two parallel, brief, short courses; it could be even a month-long course, during which students will begin to feel necessary changes. If these changes occur in their understanding and feelings, the students will see a completely different world, a great prospect that will suddenly attract them.

They will acquire a meaning in life, the force of life, and aspiration. They will suddenly discover the source of contentment and will see that this is the same egoism, but integral, closed egoism, which works according to a different formula, a different rule. It considers not its individual fulfillment, which has brought us today to emptiness, depression, and apathy, but feels integral with the entire nature of humanity, with all its levels: still, vegetative, and animate. And since egoism comes to this consciously, developing itself, it starts feeling inside nature its internal force; it comes to the level of interaction with it, and thus feels that it is eternal and perfect.

Here, we pass through all the transitions of Einstein to the state where a person rises to the level of nature, hidden from us, but certainly existing. This is the information controlling level at which there are all the forces that manage our matter: still, vegetative, and animate. And thus we become a “Human Being.”

A human being is part of the information that exists in nature where there is no past, present, or future. After all, people like Wolf Messing, who feel the past and the future, live next to us. Where do they get this absolutely precise knowledge? They exist in nature. All this exists in nature beyond time. And we are reaching this level.

In principle, this is our state, this component is called a “Human Being.” And everything else that we do besides this is just taking care of our animal level, the physical body.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/25/12

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