The Beginning Of The Development Of Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In classical education there is a transition from one grade to another, and then there’s a transition from one course to another in higher educational institutions. In other words, a person has a specific, precise structure. Once a person either goes to college or graduates from it, he understands that there are stages, certain steps ahead of him. But once we unite and transition to the level of “Man,” will there also be certain stages and steps, and will human development continue?

Answer: Human development begins there because only there begins the attainment of nature. Today we only think about getting more comfortable: I’ll take whatever there is. The laws that we have attained are very limited laws as the studies of Einstein, Hugh Everett, and other scientists show. They are limited, very small laws of nature that literally leak into our egoism and slightly illuminate in our egoistic consciousness; this is the only thing we feel, the only thing we examine. And the rest of nature is vastly concealed from us.

The worlds, the degrees we ascend after attaining the level of “Man,” are our states, strictly gauged degrees of attainment. Our egoism also operates there, not the animalistic type of egoism, but one directed towards the attainment of the concealed part of nature.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” #33, 5/25/12

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