Let’s Declare Ourselves Bankrupt And Start All Over Again!

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Jim Rogers, American investor and author, Chairman of Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests): “’We’re certainly going to have more crises coming out of Europe and America; the world is in trouble. The world has been spending staggering amounts of money that it doesn’t have for a few decades now, and it’s all coming home to roost,’ Rogers, CEO and chairman Rogers Holdings told CNBC. …

“’In 2002 it was bad, in 2008 it was worse and 2012 or 2013 is going to be worse still – be careful,’ he added.

“Rogers told CNBC the only solution to the crisis was to let everyone go bankrupt.

“’Get everyone in a room and decide you will go bankrupt. You will survive and we’re going to ringfence you. We’ll make sure your checks clear. Everyone’s deposits are going to be ok, the system’s going to survive.’ …

“’It [the world] would be better off if we can hold the euro together and we reorganize. People are bankrupt and when people are bankrupt you might as well face reality. Reorganize the assets, competent people (will) come in and you start over from a sound base,’ Rogers said.”

My Comment: Of course, it would shake the whole world, but the new page would be no better than the old one because the same egoists would quickly build their terrible world; they would not be able to do otherwise.

Solution: That is why, along with the announcement of worldwide bankruptcy (in the Bible, it is a mandatory condition for the existence of society to announce Yovel, a complete return of all property to its original state, every 50 years), we need also to declare the bankruptcy of people and all social relations as the cause of the bankruptcy of the economic system they created. A society based only on integral education and upbringing will be able to build a useful system of social relations, competing in not how to harm, but how to benefit each other. The reward for such efforts will be the revelation of feeling of the higher eternal flow of life.

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  1. This is actually true…as I perceive. The ‘system’ is of no good for the people in general…it is built upon Oil-greed and Oil and Water do not mix..and so it is with our Humanity. This ‘system’ does not mix well with humanity. Strife it causes only.
    The Oil revolution has corrupted the planet the WARmongering the rest…with out a doubt,…It is time for a Reformation of everything we believe in. WE the global tribe require this to survive.

  2. Amen

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