Mutual Responsibility Course: A Post-Crisis Crash Course

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday, we need to create a system of integral education and upbringing. Within its framework, we’ll explain what the method of correction is, how the world works, what the freedom of choice a person has, and how our egoism developed throughout history and the dead end it has entered today. We’ll talk about the fact that the end of the egoistic development is felt as a crisis, that a new global and integral world is being revealed to us both from the side of nature as environmental disasters and in human society, which inevitably joined the framework of an integral system, with the result that now everyone depends on each other.

All of this is not revealed accidentally, but in order to force us to correct the connection between us and to move onto the next stage of development. The peculiarity of this stage is that it consists of two integrated and interconnected forces: Forces of egoism in the left line and forces of bestowal and love in the right line. Thus, we build a new relationship with the world and have to look at it differently. By improving ourselves, we fix family, the environment, education, culture, science, economics, finance, and everything else. After all, it’s us humans who have built all of that, and therefore by changing ourselves, we’ll change all these systems as well. This will be the consequence of the new internal human nature that changed and reached equilibrium.

We’ll distribute that knowledge to people through courses available to everyone. Fifteen meetings of two to three hours will open a person’s eyes to a new world in which he finds himself. The meetings will expand a person’s horizons, make a link between history, today, and tomorrow, and will reveal his own nature and the nature of the world. It will give an understanding of the evolutionary process through which we are going.

Everything will be presented in one set, including the role of the people of Israel and the nations of the world. By revealing this integral picture, a person sees that everything is based on mutual support and responsibility, thus mutual help is required from each and everyone in order to reach a “round” world. In fact, this methodology introduces nothing new in comparison to the same methodology of Abraham which laid the foundations of the Jewish people that we use today.

Mutual responsibility courses will quickly enable people to feel the situation changing for the better, both in their countries and around the world. The results will be seen within several months.

Question: What should be emphasized: mutual responsibility training or roundtable discussions?

Answer: This is a single system: Workshops are a part of the course program. The main thing is to start realizing it, and a positive result won’t keep you waiting.
From a Conversation 6/5/12

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