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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose, a person walks down the street. Someone pushes him hard and “knocks” him out of a positive mindset. Today, modern man tolerates suffering and inhibits a reaction because we are taught to restrain ourselves from childhood. So conflicts rarely happen. People who restrain themselves accumulate a number of unaddressed insults that eventually burst because of some little thing; this usually occurs at home, and the accumulated aggression is dumped onto close ones. This is a typical emotional reaction mechanism of modern man. Maybe you need to respond to that push as if something positive?

Then I become happy about this effect on me because I can become even more included into this general mechanism, become even more integral,

Answer: Of course, it’s positive! I begin to perceive everything that happens as something happening for a reason in this huge enclosed mechanism. If somebody pushes me or something happens to me, it’s in this way that I’m pointed to where I can increase my contact with this general mechanism and enter even deeper into the integral relationship through this negative impact. I’m being shown my lack of my inclusion.

Then I can become happy for this effect on me because I can engage more in this general mechanism, become even more integral, and I can climb the stairs of values, visions, feelings, and awareness of the world around me, the extent of my understanding of its causal flow, its purpose, my vision and role in it. I start seeing further through time.

The fact is that the man who caused harm to me has nothing to do with it. He’s just another element in the common system, the same as I am. And I don’t react to him in any way, neither from the point of gratitude nor from the point of negative emotions. I don’t feel anything with regard to him. I look at this general mechanism that controls us, increasingly engaging us into overall interaction, and I’m extremely happy about that because I reach a new level of existence and life this way.

I need to learn and understand this system, to get a hold of it, and then the depth, which is beyond matter, beyond this tinsel in which we live and play, will unfold in front of me. I don’t want to participate in this game, but I want to be inside of the forces of the mechanism that governs all of this because in that way I’ll become eternal and perfect as the higher Nature itself.

Question: It turns out that by rising above the emerging conflicts and hatred, we reach the depth of the connection with other people. That is, this supposedly negative aggression is fuel for connection?

Answer: In general, yes. We can say that. There’s no doubt that this negative potential, which we have accumulated over the long process of our evolution, is necessary. We came all this way in order to have something to rise above.

Comment: By working with people, especially during group interactions that imply a certain level of unity, there are two stages. The first stage is a so-called positive transference when students begin saying, “What a wonderful methodology! What a wonderful teacher! What a group! How lucky we are!” And then begins a so-called negative transference.

Answer: I think there will be neither acute positive nor negative periods. There will be, of course, relative and passing undulating ups and downs so people will make progress in their understanding and sensing of this methodology and the way it works.

Here we don’t work with our past, and therefore, we prepare people for the fact that today we find a completely new level of perception with which we have nothing to compare. I don’t feel that there is a place for familiar reactions, maybe to a small extent, but not to the extent that they appear in other groups or clubs
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/28/12

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