Laws Without Loopholes

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In describing our condition, Baal HaSulam cites the example of a worm living in a radish that eventually comes out into the light. Suppose two worms decided to come out, but on the way one of them despaired, why does that happen?

Answer: It happens because the Creator brings it the “hardening of the heart” and the worm does not agree: “How come? Why hasn’t anyone paved the road? Why is it all this way and not differently?” Pride is what humiliates a person and drives him off track.

Question: What should the other worm do in this situation?

Answer: Try to help as much as it can. But it is not in one’s power to do the work of another.

The main thing here is to lower your head, to lower your nose and to accept the rigid laws of nature. Today, you don’t understand them, and no matter how hard you shout, nothing will change. You can curse the law of gravity law in the same way, will it get “better” as a result, will it stop affecting you?

We must understand that we are in a world of absolute laws and only by keeping them can we advance. But if we resist, the laws will operate accordingly. This is the difference between the path of Torah and the path of suffering.

The same thing happens in our world, but here we live in a society with homemade artificial laws, and so it seems that it is all a matter of buying and selling, and that everything can be “bent,” and you only need to wait for the right opportunity.

On the other hand, by coming out towards the Creator, we discover that there is nothing more fixed and absolute. We either work with Him in a good way or in a bad way; there are no intermediate states.

So when the worm feels the “hardening of the heart,” it should understand that it has no choice. Our problem is the false hope that the bad state will go away by itself and the good one will come by itself. We remember the saying, “What the mind doesn’t do, time does.” But it will do it only if during that time I try to do everything possible despite the mind and despite the lack of understanding of what is going on.

During a storm there is no point in sitting and waiting for good weather. I have to act, even foolishly, without a mind, but to act, to exert myself. Then time will do what the mind doesn’t do.

In other words, by many activities, I do what the mind would probably do without any delay.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/12/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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