Different Needs, One Solution

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At the outset, we need to prepare a multitude of specialists who must go to people and convey to them the method of integral upbringing. What if they encounter an opposite, negative reaction?

Answer: There will be no negative reaction since those people, whom we have gathered, have some type of a negative request, meaning they feel bad. If people have simply arrived to have a chat, then there is nothing to say. However, we are teaching those who feel bad and who have come to solve some problem. It is necessary to try to gather people who have these requests, and it doesn’t matter how different they are.

We are gathering 10, 100, or 100,000 people at one table; it doesn’t matter. They lack food, clothing, and shelter. They have problems with work, education, health, or safety. It is scary to come out into the street not only at night, but also during the day. On the whole, there are a multitude of various problems.

Naturally, nobody understands each other because each one has his or her own problem. Suppose I have a problem with a small child because he goes to a school where he is mistreated, while she has a problem in the fact that she lives alone with two children on poverty allowance, a totally different problem. A third one is a bachelor and is unemployed. And so on.

However, we are not interested in what problems they have! We do not discuss which of their problems is more important because for each one of them, their problem is the most important one.

“I receive an unemployment allowance, I can live on it, but I want to earn properly, to work, to fly to the Canary Islands, spend every evening at night clubs. But what am I able to do now? Pay for medical insurance, feed myself, pay for my corner and that’s it. I don’t want to exist this way because I have my whole life in front of me! What have I gotten into? Why is it so? Is this life when I see how beautifully other people live!”

Meaning that you will not prove anything to him! Although 100 years ago, such a life would have been envied: a corner, insurance, food, what else is needed? Take an African person today, put him in prison and he will be satisfied, there is a roof, he gets food and does not become ill. And there is nothing demanded of him. It is simply a first class hotel!

That is why we cannot compare different people with each other, and we are trying to do that! How can they be compared? Each one of them has a completely different need. If I am hungry now, then I don’t need a symphony. This is clear.

So we absolutely do not touch on the character of their needs. We must simply convince people of the fact that it is only possible to satisfy all of their needs if we come to an integral society, only if we will exist in mutual guarantee; otherwise, we will neither fulfill each other, nor ourselves.

This is the most important thing the lecturers must talk about: pulling man away from his current needs, “Wait a little bit with them! You won’t be able to solve all of the problems directly anyway.”

There is no direct solution to these questions anywhere in the world! Let’s take away from the rich and give to the poor, but we see what turns out from that! Let’s break windows and kill the government, we also see that this does not work. Problems are not solved this way, especially in our time.

And they have never been solved this way! You may take over the Bastille, but what’s the use? The French Revolution has been done, and what did all of this freedom end up with?

However, this was before, in the linear development of egoism!

Today, when nature presents itself to us as integral, this does not work any more! We see that those with money, the government, the banks, and everywhere are trying to do something. They understand that they are also in a critical condition. Where will they go from this planet, from Earth? It is round! Whatever they have stockpiled, they still don’t know what to do.

That is why, let us first simply figure out what is going on, what system is starting to emerge in nature and is controlling us, what is the meaning of a global, integral, analog, interconnected system? Let’s first listen to the scientists.

And here I open a folder and show them the videos with the opinions of the scientists about our society, about where we have ended up, in order for it to be clear to everyone that we cannot continue to search further for something with our egoistic instruments as it has been up to now.

The G8 and the G20 are searching, but they cannot find anything! They are only aggravating the problems and accumulating debt, which will have to be answered for; by whom and how, it is not clear! Who will be writing them off?

We are standing in front of a threat of a serious crash, which we have gotten ourselves into by ourselves; by not seeing the next level, we are trying to solve everything on our level where there is no solution. We must show this with the help of scientists, with the help of well-developed methodology.

Comment: Each time I am trying to figure out this problematic place…

Answer: It is not problematic! You must simply put down the line and say: “We have existed up to this moment. Further, on the same level, on the same plane, there is no solution. Or do you want to continue sorting things out among each other? Go ahead! Go outside the gates and do what you want: Have demonstrations; break shop windows! But I do not participate in this. Why? Because I and 100,000 more scientists have a different opinion. If you want to have revolutions, go to the barricades, please! But I am not going.”

We must put them into that position where they really look at things, and we are offering them the only real hard option. No more!
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/28/12

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  1. Why do we not construct a nervous system of society so we can all eventually sense the entire being of earth through it? Oh wait… Internet. Now let’s go a step further and begin to merge through this space!

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