A Practical Guide For The Integral Method

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There can be a certain accent in any book, such as an accent on anthropology or development, or certain professional or psychological aspects. Considering that the material should be sharp and relevant, what is the best way to prepare a book on the integral method?

Answer: In my opinion, this book should be anticipating the next book or even a series of books that will become a practical guide for the creation of segments of an integral community. Later, these segments will unite into a single integral whole. This is why we need to emphasize the practical aspect, the way the various groups of the population in different situations that we observe in single-industry towns, schools, and family units, all of them solve their problems in their own way by ascending to an integral whole.

Right now, we live in a separated society, a family or a classroom, in a city or a part of it, in a company, and so on. There is tension between people that includes certain external and internal factors. We need to show how we can lead them to internal unity, the perception of the common power, the common thought, the perception of a community, which arises between them.

After all, a family is not just a husband and a wife, children, and grandparents. A family is something that connects them and is the collection of all the attributes and connections that connect them, everything that they wish to elevate and preserve.

How are we supposed to solve all our problems and answer all our questions on the basis of this unity, this alliance, preserving and developing it and acting in its name? At first, we rise to the level of the creation of a single community, and based on it, we begin to answer these questions only so that these answers would strengthen our community, alliance, and unity. Then, we will rise higher and higher in our unity by solving these problems.

We will see a very interesting tendency. Apparently, these problems appear only so that we would connect more and more strongly. This is the main reason for them, and it is not because I am me and you are you.

In reality, things are completely different. They come from the demand of our internal and external nature, which forces us to rise above ourselves, to unite, and thus create something referred to as a single person, a single whole.

This method of solution needs to be spelled out, shown and described. I think that, right now, this is the most necessary and the very first preliminary movement toward an integral community, including integral education and upbringing. Work we prepare will need to be sent to the many specialists who already are speaking about it and assume that this is the next step of human development in regard to the solution of all our problems, especially the economic and financial crisis, unemployment, and so forth.

Obviously, we simultaneously need to show the next step: becoming an integral community that will solve all the global problems. In other words, the reconstruction of our entire social system of civilization where trade, science, culture, finances, economics, family, the education of children and adults, all these things, come together, and nothing can be decided without the community to which we are striving and with which we can use to solve anything.

If we are able to show all this in such a general way, then to acquire responses from political and social scientists, psychologists, physicists, biologists, ecologists, and other specialists, then, in addition to this work, we also will be able to publish the material we receive from them with their support and by working through their comments. Once we unite with the scientists, we will create an Internet community around this book, a forum where we will be able to exchange opinions and solve various problems.

Today, they already are becoming very dynamic. They literally flow one from another and include all the segments of society and their problems, and in this way we will be able to move on to the next step of our work where we already will see in a more practical way how we can apply this idea to the solution of current and future problems. This is the way I see all this.

We are facing two steps. The first step is to gather and prepare all the materials, including our conversations. Then, acquire many reviews, maybe co-write certain articles, comments, and so on, and unite all of it so that it will unite us.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/31/12

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