Integral Knowledge For Scientists

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Part of our audience is scientists who study the world. These are people who try to comprehend, understand, and feel at what stage our world is today and what happens to it. What information would it be best to convey to this segment and in what form should it be?

Answer: As a rule, scientists are accustomed to charts, tables, opinions of others, excerpts, peer reviews, and so on. They need material in a book form. That is why we need to present our work like this.

In principle, we did this in the past. Our two books have been published. Now, as a result of our talks on integral education and upbringing, we need to publish one more.

It will be more practical, almost like a textbook with appendices, with the description of the work in the master classes and focus groups, and so on. It should be a practical guide based not only on the discussions, but also on the work done.

I believe that this is very important material. It will become the basis for many studies that will begin in the near future in connection with the development toward the integral community.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/31/12

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