The Origin Of The Family

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis): “In early human evolution, when faithful females began to choose good providers as mates, pair-bonding replaced promiscuity, laying the foundation for the emergence of the institution of the modern family, a new study finds. …

“The study demonstrates mathematically that the most commonly proposed theories for the transition to human pair-bonding are not biologically feasible. However, the study advances a new model showing that the transition to pair-bonding can occur when female choice and faithfulness, among other factors, are included. The result is an increased emphasis on provisioning females over male competition for mating. …

“’Once females begin to show preference for being provisioned, the low-ranked males’ investment in female provisioning over male-to-male competition pays-off,’ Gavrilets explained. Gavrilets says that the study’s results describe a ‘sexual revolution’ initiated by low-ranking males who began providing in order to get matings. ‘Once the process was underway, it led to a kind of self-domestication, resulting in a group-living species of provisioning males and faithful females,’ he said.

“The study reveals that female choice played a crucial role in human evolution and that future studies should include between-individual variation to help explain social dilemmas and behaviors, according to Gavrilets.”

My Comment: The true guardian of family values is the man who doesn’t forget to buy food on the way home, but not the one who reigns over the entire family. And within the family, evolution leads us to unity, but not to dominion.

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