Don’t Leave White Stains On The Correction Cloth

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the correction begins with people who have a “point in the heart,” then why do we turn to all of humanity now?

Answer: We operate in two parallel “fronts,” since the “nations of the world,” who don’t have a point in the heart, will provide us with the necessary deficiencies by which we will understand how to correct ourselves in order to be adapted to them.

It is like a married couple that is not considered a family until they have children; they are not a real family since nothing ties them together. In fact they are still children, although they are married. It is the offspring they share, the obligation to raise their children, which makes them parents.

It is the same with us: If we don’t take upon ourselves the work of being the link between the Creator and the nations of the world, then we will not be able to be “Israel.” Only carrying out this mission directs us Yashar-El, straight to the Creator. So we have to stabilize the whole picture in order to start our self-correction. Since it is “first think, then act,” we need the whole plan now.

It isn’t by chance that Baal HaSulam went to Poland in the 1930’s to check whether it was possible to evoke the local workers to correction as if everything was perfect in the Land of Israel and only the Poles were missing. The picture has to be as whole as possible. We will not understand how to correct ourselves if we don’t go out to the people both in Israel and all over the world. This is also how children “teach” and stabilize their parents. The connection with those who need your care stabilizes you and shows you how to organize yourself internally.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/05/12,“The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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