Evolution Is Based On Cooperation Rather Than Competition

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Martin A. Nowak, Professor of Biology and of Mathematics at Harvard University and Director of Harvard’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics): “Martin Nowak, one of the world’s experts on evolution and game theory…turns an important aspect of evolutionary theory on its head to explain why cooperation, not competition, has always been the key to the evolution of complexity. He offers a new explanation for the origin of life and a new theory for the origins of language, biology’s second greatest information revolution after the emergence of genes.”

My Comment: Recently, there is a surge of materials produced by scientists from various countries and areas of expertise about the revision of the driving force of evolution, about its original direction towards integrality. Just today, when this integrality reaches us, humanity, civilization, we began to pay attention to it because before that we had not been able to perceive the world as integral.

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