The Arvut Movement Brochure: “Changing Priorities”

The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee) Movement: “Changing Priorities” (excerpt from the brochure):

About Us: Our organization represents virtually all sectors of Israeli society: the native Israeli and immigrants, the secular and religious, professors and students, businessmen and workers, technology and humanities specialists.

What do we have in common? No matter how it may sound, what we share is our concern for what is happening in the world. The fact is that the world (and our country is no exception) is undergoing a historical transformation about which society, for the most part, is unaware.

Political scientists, historians, and philosophers claim that we are witnessing the birth of a new civilization. Unexpectedly, we find ourselves in a totally new reality. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is mainly unpredictable and the old traditional logic no longer works. We seem to be extremely unprepared for the radically, new state of the world—a global integral world.

Paul Gilding, the author of The Great Disruption, describes the new reality very accurately: “I look at the world as an integrated system, so I don’t see the protests, the debt crisis, inequality, and insane climate as unrelated problems; rather, I see the whole system going through the turmoil of breaking down.”

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