How Many Times The World Has “Died”

Dr. Michael LaitmanStatement: 2800 B. C. – Assyria: The inscription on a clay plate reads: “Now, at the end of times, the Earth is coming to an end. There are multiple signs of imminent cataclysm. Bribery and corruption have become habitual.” And yet, in about a couple of centuries after these words were written, Assyrians created one of the most powerful states in the ancient world.

50-100 A.D. Palestine: The first followers of Jesus Christ expected the end of the world that in their opinion could have happened any moment. Jesus Christ’s prediction of forthcoming destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and prophecy of His second advent were rapidly spread by word of mouth. Obliteration by the Romans of the Temple in 70 A.D. signified that the prophecy came true. Persecution of Christians formed a specific psychological atmosphere within their then small communities. Nevertheless, quite soon Christianity became the national religion of the Roman Empire; moreover, clerical hierarchies officially announced that the apocalypse would be delayed till an indefinite time in the future.

1000 A. D. – Western Europe: In 1000, righteous Catholics were afraid to enter a new millennium, a new era in the heavenly kingdom. Continuous anticipation of the “end of times” led Europe to complete desolation. People were preparing for Judgment Day and stopped caring about corporeal problems: They didn’t plow the lands, pasture cattle, nor did they continue to trade…The new year’s eve of the year 1000 was an apotheosis of tension; thousands of people gathered in Rome in anticipation of the Pope’s blessing that they received together with his advice to go back home. It became apparent that the end of the world had been delayed once again. But mass hysteria ended only in 1033 after everybody witnessed that the promised apocalypses didn’t happen yet again at the 1000th anniversary of the crucifixion.

1492 – Russia: Orthodox countries of Russia and Greece were preparing to celebrate 7000th anniversary of the world’s creation and face the end of times. Collapse of Constantinople 40 years prior to this event seemed to be an obvious evidence of the coming end of the world. Even though it didn’t happen in 1492, nor any time after, people in Russia were still waiting for it to happen for many decades afterwards.

1914 – USA: The prediction of the end of the world became one of the main tricks of multiple popular sects that emerged in the twentieth century starting with Russell, the founder of “Jehovah’s Witnesses,” who declared that “Judgment Day” will happen in 1914, later he moved the date to 1915; eventually he died in 1916. His successors immediately proceeded foretelling the doomsday in the nearest future up until 1975. In anticipation of the apocalypse, their victims donated their property in order to save themselves from eternal oblivion. When the “end of time” didn’t take place once again, followers of “Jehovah’s Witnesses” explained this situation by saying that they were misunderstood.

2010: Fear of the apocalypse resumed when the Large Hadron Collider was launched: It clearly demonstrated that protons’ collision triggered appearance of “black micro holes” that have the ability to “swallow” the world. As it is well known, the Earth is constantly bombarded by extremely powerful cosmic rays.

12/21/2012: The next doomsday is scheduled for the end of 2012. “Interpreters” of the ancient Maya have explained the words The thirteenth cycle of a 400 year period will end on the 4th of Ahav, third day of the month of Kankin – the imagery of armed Bolon Okte with its great encirclement” to be a prediction of the upcoming apocalypse, although this particular excerpt delineated the coronation of a king.

My Comment: According to Kabbalah, there is no such thing as the “end of the world,” but rather there is a transition to a new, higher, integral perception of the material realm that reveals itself to the degree of correction of our properties and as a consequence of the extent of change in our organs of perception of reality. It’s already happening; the process started in 1995 and will continue.

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