Transforming Ourselves

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the role of family and state in the new society? Will there be a need for them at all?

Answer: Let’s imagine the final picture that nature leads us to. Nature is leading us to a state where we have a normal family life. The family is the foundation, and at the animate level, it doesn’t change. We need to have a family, home, and children; all that is necessary. With regard to work, the main work for everyone will be mandatory integral upbringing. All of humanity will be involved with this.

The future family will be where the children will receive education through a virtual network, with no tests, with no pressure. But in order to receive integral upbringing, they will meet together in groups. Groups must exist. We don’t need the frontal education at all, where the unfortunate children sit facing the teacher, forced to listen, and he or she stands before them like a policeman and guards them. This is not right.

After all, today’s education is an inheritance from times when there was a need to turn farmers into industry workers. Thus, people were collected from the fields and were given a number of skills: a little reading and writing, a little arithmetic, so that they could work next to a machine. And from this began our school system, which has completely discredited itself today, but is very difficult to change.

The new school will be built on completely different principles. First of all, it needs to be taken into account that the parents will spend a lot of time at home with their children. The big problem has been that the woman was not able to stay at home with the children. She must know what they are learning and how to help them. She needs spare time for this since she must simultaneously learn in school, in university, in order to be a teacher for her children, and even more than that, an educator for her children and husband. She needs to educate the entire family. This is the real problem.

Perhaps my remarks sound a little scrappy, but it’s in order for you to understand what a critical change, transformation of the family we are talking about. It’s about building a huge system of completely new relations. Nature will force us to reach this in any case because through the crisis, it will throw us from our jobs, and we will find ourselves at home. And so we will be forced to change the society in order to bring it in balance with nature.

In any case, integral education and upbringing will bring about an integral education that will be realized through a virtual network, while integral upbringing will take place in the framework of group activities, where the children will gather in small groups of 10 children with a teacher (educator) who knows how to turn them into one whole. They need to learn how to interact integrally. They need to be psychologists themselves: to understand, criticize, and justify each other. Children who receive integral education feel people, understand them, know their nature, their weaknesses, and at the same time, participate with them.

This is not simple, but today we stand at the threshold of a substantial change. It’s unavoidable, otherwise we will simply destroy this world.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/22/12, Preliminary Lesson

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