The Three Identities Of The Educator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we and all of humanity learn about the inseparable network that connects us?

Answer: In order to do that we tighten our connection with the people, with the world. This recognition will pass on to them through us. Knowing the general system means knowing the connection among all its parts, and this connection is attained by devoting one’s self to dissemination.

We have to understand the masses: their nature, their character, and their demands and from that to adapt our approach to them. Internally we have to act as grownups playing with children, with the clear intention and knowledge of what we want to achieve by this game.

Question: Do we have to teach people the laws of the integral system in addition to the importance of good mutual relations with others?

Answer: This is called education, and by this an educator differs from a teacher. A teacher presents facts, formulas, graphs, etc.; he teaches the students the results of research. On the other hand, an educator treats the students more cunningly, in a two-faced manner. An educator has two parts, two identities, one that descends to the level of the student in order to connect with him, while the other identity has a clear intention, knowing what he wants to bring the student to. The educator himself is the third identity, and no one knows its level. This means that the role of an educator is on one hand, to see the level of the student, and on the other hand, to know the level to which he can raise the student and to connect the two levels, to teach the student how to move on from one level to another, and to spur him to do so.

An educator has a special role and he needs special preparation to stand in front of an audience. He should know what to give and what to hide, how to play and how to put on different masks, how to sometimes pretend that he doesn’t understand and sometimes to appear strange, cunning, etc., by that you enable the student to go through different states with regard to you, to the material, to the Creator, and to the world. A “student” is someone who is willing to maturely accept all these forms from the educator, knowing that it is all in his favor. On the other hand, a teacher simply teaches students different laws.

About the network that connects us all, of course we explain its laws. We explain the world in which we live, the global crisis that stems from the fact that nature is global, and so there is mutual connection and interdependence among all its parts, and that man is the reason for all that is happening because he is not connected to nature, and that in order to solve the crisis we have to unite. All this, of course, is part of our program.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/12, Writings of Rabash

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