The Spiritual Roots Of Tradition

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Please answer my question: Does saying the prayer (Shema and Shema Yisrael) and putting on a Tefillin let you receive the light any faster? If not, please explain why Jewish tradition does this?

Answer: No. This is because these “traditions” are behaviors in our world that are identical to the higher correction that everyone must perform in his 613 desires, aiming them at “love your neighbor.”

Question: For centuries, Kabbalists have vigilantly complied with all the traditions and customs of its people. They emphasized the importance of their physical and spiritual performance. [Baal] HaSulam and Rabash were no exception. Why do we not apply spiritual importance to physical activities?

If physical actions are not so important, then why were the Jews fooled all these years? Why could everything not be explained clearly so that people do not lose time and hope in vain?

Answer: The time has come now to do that.

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