The Pyramid Economy

Dr. Michael LaitmanDuring the Plagues of Egypt, the Creator said to Moses, “Go unto Pharaoh, for I have hardened his heart and the heart of his servants, that I may show these signs of mine among them” (Exodus 10:1). Due to the blows that our egoism gets, the Creator grows between us. He grows on these “indications,” these  signs, when we discover in our egoistic desire how controlled, dependent, and helpless it is. Yes, it reigns over us, but in fact, it is stupid. Its moral and physical weakness is exposed before us.

Once egoism pushed us forward helping us build a life. But in the end, it turns out that by using it, we get negative results that are clearly seen. And even if the masses don’t want to know anything in their narrow-mindedness, we need only look at the deeds of humanity and we see that it truly destroys itself and nature.

If we observed such development of events on another planet, we would conclude that its inhabitants weren’t sensible beings. It would seem that some misfortune had taken their mind away, and that they had begun to cut the branch they’re sitting on, to block the channel that feeds them.

Twenty to thirty more years will pass by, and humanity will be left with nothing. We have created a terrible world, a pyramid of endless gain that generates profit by adding more and more new people. Once this growth runs out, everything collapses. However, while the pocket is still full, man continues to play.

The whole world economy is built by the Americans on the principle of the pyramid, of enriching its top at the expense of growing production and consumption. But here comes the crash: There is nowhere to grow, and thus nothing can happen but the collapse of the pyramid. A consumer society based on purchasing power has come to an end. There is nowhere to outsource production, there is no one else to involve; the Earth is round and not so big. It’s interesting how parallels appeared between our pyramid and ancient Egypt, the country of pyramids.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/23/12, Writings of Rabash

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  1. Great connection. Pharaoh enslaved Yisrael as Yisrael lived as the Egyptians (goyim). At the appointed time G-d sent Moshe to call our forefathers out of the goyim. The only condition is teshuvah to a life of the Shema: submitting to HIS mitzvot (light) alone. We are in Babylon/ Egypt right now – even those in the Land of Israel live under Babylonian rule. The pattern of our release from Egypt will repeat very soon with Babylon’s destruction.

    Many non-Jews are awakening to Torah in last few years. This awakening seems to be accelerating as we approach the end of Egypt/ Babylon and our release. The exiled House of Israel (Ephraim) and House of Judah (Jews) are awakening to the light of Torah for all mankind – not just those of us who call ourselves “Jews”. Our traditions and our teachers have misled us in so many ways, but out Father have all mankind teshuvah for ONE Yisrael, ONE Torah, ONE Moshiach, under ONE Creator for all Jews and non-Jews. Baruch Hashem!

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